Social Media Marketing

A strong social media presence is a necessity in today’s digital environment. IMG works with our clients to proactively develop a cohesive, cross-platform social identity that advances your brand, message and engagement.

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Influence Growth

IMG will work with you to grow your social media traffic and increase critical KPIs such as views, followers, retweets and likes. We will ensure that the growth of your social media presence resonates with your target audience, geographically, demographically and psychographically.


IMG operates on all social media platforms. Our in-house graphic design team will curate all posts, to create a unified, consistent brand presence across platforms.

Coordinated Messaging

Building upon your existing content calendar, IMG will produce a social media calendar to complement any upcoming trade shows, events or seminars. The result will be a consistent, coordinated and informative message across platforms that will provide your entire audience with a broad information base about your firm’s offerings.

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