Inbound Marketing Campaigns

Inbound Marketing Campaigns

The channels that marketers use today may be different, but the problem is still the same: disconnected tools and channels mean it’s tough to measure results and the sales process for your leads often feels disconnected from your marketing efforts. Marketers need a new framework for campaigns to solve the problems they have faced since the internet has exploded!

Intense Focus on the Customer

Inbound Marketing is focused on the customer experience at every stage in the buyer’s journey. Campaigns are built to attract, not annoy. Each stage of the buyer’s journey is aligned through well written content that is relevant to visitors.

Connect All Your Marketing Efforts

An Inbound marketing campaign uses tools to weave context about a lead into every stage of the funnel. This leads to better results for marketing & salespeople.

Supports Sales + Marketing

An Inbound campaign can be used in any situation and works for webinars, product launches and more. You can use an Inbound marketing campaign to organize and improve your results.

Is my company right for the Inbound Marketing approach?

Inbound Marketing works for companies that meet several criteria…

  1. There is a period of consideration when your prospects are considering their purchase?
  2. Are the products and services you sell commoditized?
  3. Do you have sufficient long term customer retention?

How do I build an Inbound Marketing campaign?

We’ve all asked ourselves this question at one point in our research into the Inbound Marketing methodology. An Inbound Marketing campaign is a strategy that anyone can use to improve their marketing efforts. We talk with organizations who have some aspects of inbound marketing in place and others who will need to go through a more significant evolution. Inbound marketing is fantastic at generating predictable, quality leads yet can seem complex and daunting once you prepare to put “pen to paper.”

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