Marketing Technology

IMG Digital integrates systems, ensures the proper flow of information and develops the necessary marketing dashboards so you understand your marketing and sales operation. Let our experienced team ensure that you fully leverage your marketing platform(s), streamlining your marketing and sales processes.

Our work will give you confidence in your data flow and ultimately, we will save your most scarce asset, your time.

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Workflows & Sequences

Workflows and sequences allow you to automate contacting and segmenting leads based on information feedback loops. As leads work their way through the process, they self select destinations, and the leads with the highest “Score” come to the forefront to be handled directly by yourself or a member of your sales team.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages allow you to customize the user experience for website traffic specific to their source. By personalizing the first impression of your website, you will dramatically increase average session time on your website and increase engagement.




Calls-to-action (CTAs) that resonate with your website visitors are essential to drive engagement and establish conversion paths. The manner in which your visitors engage with CTAs provide you with critical information on where your leads are in the buyer’s journey.


Forms allow you to progressively build a robust database of information about your leads by delivering them targeted questionnaires at specific moments in the buyer’s journey.

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